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Master Your Online Presence with a Customized Booking Website

Experience Freedom with Prestige Booking: Custom-built reservation websites that amplify your digital presence, maximize your revenue, and free you from third-party commissions. An elegant solution for streamlined management and an unforgettable customer experience.

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Owner of your website

Booking system


Channel Manager

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Your Booking Website,

The Foundation of Your Online Success

Escape the constraints of major booking platforms. Join the forefront of luxury villa and hotel owners with Prestige Booking, your ally for enhanced autonomy and increased profits. Your property awaits to be discovered and appreciated for its true value.

For all seasonal rental owners:



Concierge Service

Customized Offers for Rental Properties, Hotels, and Concierge Services

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Enhance Your Online Presence with Our Inspirations

Brighten Your Digital Presence with Our Premium WordPress Websites, Specially Designed for Owners Seeking a Fast and Elegant Solution

Affordability, No Commitment & High ROI

Fast Implementation

Elegant Design

Direct Reservation Management

Secure Payment

The Art of Personalization:
Your Website, Your Signature

Your property is unique, and your website should be too. Enjoy a fully customized creation where every pixel reflects the exclusivity of your offering.

No commitment & High ROI

Custom website by our UI/UX experts

Elegant design tailored to your image

Self-contained and synchronized booking system

Secure payment

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Reinvented Hospitality Excellence

Similarly, our reservation systems and channel managers are the epitome of innovation. They provide you with a clear view and total control over your bookings, revolutionizing your business approach.


Certified reservation system

You own the software, receive bookings directly on your website without going through OTAs, or paying commissions, increase your revenue

Channel Manager & Real-time Reservation Synchronization's 1st partner since 2018, e4j Technology 'Best Innovation' partner of since 2020. Manage all your bookings directly from your website's dashboard.


Manage your reservations directly

Create your rooms, manage your prices, analyze seasonal trends, make manual reservations, block rooms, adjust taxes in just a few clicks

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Manage your reservations from one place

Cancel, validate, analyze different rates. Display a price comparison tool on your website from all channels, attract customers to book on your site


Employee Dashboard

A real tool for receptionists, performing check-ins and check-outs, electronic signatures, occupancy rate overview, managing cleaning schedules, notifications...

Manage your properties directly through the e4j app on your mobile device

Notifications, multiple accounts with permissions, manage your reservations.

Optimize Your Return on Investment with Prestige Booking

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Simplicity in Service of Performance

Our reservation management tools eliminate complexity, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: delivering unforgettable stays.


Optimize Your Income, Maximize Your Freedom

Our commission-free solutions form the foundation of your financial independence, offering unparalleled freedom to thrive.

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Perfect Synchronization, Impeccable Management

Easily synchronize your availability with other platforms while retaining full control of your calendar

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A Digital Showcase Reflecting Your Prestige

Our designs embody the very essence of luxury and elegance. They captivate, engage, and convert, reflecting the sophistication your clients expect.

For All Your Property Management Needs




Simplify Your Daily Management

Streamline the reservation process, check-ins, check-outs, and billing with an automated system.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Offer personalized stays that foster customer loyalty through tailored welcome touches.

Refine Your Strategies

Base your business decisions on key data to enhance your services and outperform the competition.

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Travel with Our Inspirations

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